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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 09:30
A couple of weeks ago, we discussed some state trooper's endorsement of seating charts on school buses.
We also asked what's going on in your operation in terms of evacuation drills and seating charts and got some replies worth revisiting.
  • A 30-year retired school bus driver told us he always had a seating chart on his bus. It helped him knew which students were on board and limited damage to the bus. "I also told the students they were responsible for that seat area if there was any damage they would be the first to be blamed, so they should report any damage they noticed to me right away. In 30 years I only had 4 seats cut," the driver wrote.
  • A comment told us seating charts were nothing new in his/her district but noted the district divided the bus into a boys' side and girls' side: "This has helped stop some inappropriate touching."
  • Another anonymous comment noted two evacuation drills with all school personnel were required every year in Texas. The district's special needs practices are worth paying some special attention to: "For special needs, our drivers compile a written evacuation plan keeping their students disabilities in mind such as, 'Johnny is autistic and may run, therefore he will need extra supervision.' After I have reviewed the written plan the special needs drivers are cleared to practice twice each year as they unload their students at school during the morning route.
  • Finally, Brenda said she had made some suggestions for evacuation drills, but had been shot done. She wants your ideas for evacuation drills. Any help?

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