Partner Updates

Highlighting the IC Electric Bus chargE Tour

As the IC Electric School Bus chargE continues its tour throughout North America, school bus industry stakeholders and groups that are focused on clean technologies and innovations continue to study the concept electric bus firsthand.

Pilot Programs Change Requirements & Save Lives

Sadly, the dangers around school buses remain a newsworthy issue still today. According to NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Facts on School—Transportation-Related Crashes, “Between 2006 and 2015, there have been 1,313 people killed in school-transportation-related crashes—an average of 131 fatalities per year.”

Powertrain Partnerships

For buses, powertrain performance is where the rubber truly hits the road. For real performance, a bus needs a great engine and a transmission to match. A powertrain that’s dependable can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a bumpy ride for school districts.

Tough to Ignore: Calls Louden for School Bus Seat Belts

The list of national organizations making their support for lap-shoulder seat belts on school buses crystal clear continues to grow more impressive and harder to ignore. The NTSB is the latest to definitively add its name.

Transportation’s Future Is Paperless, Electronic & Automated

Changes in tomorrow’s transportation programs can seem far away when school districts are focused on meeting the needs of today. But technology is changing in ways that increase student safety and the level of service a district can provide, making it more important than ever to take advantage of new solutions. That’s what California district Twin Rivers Unified School District (USD) is doing.

Wi-Fi Takes Classroom Beyond School Grounds

According to the American School Bus Council, there are about 480,000 school buses in America transporting around 25 million children to and from school. It’s become apparent that school buses benefit our communities—aside from making sure kids arrive to school safely and on time. School buses help to reduce traffic, by keeping over 17 million cars off the road, and preventing over 20 million tons of CO2 from being released each year.

School districts are now making school buses even more valuable, by installing Wi-Fi on buses. This should help extend the reach of the classroom, dramatically improve behavior on the bus, allow students to complete homework assignments, and ultimately bring grades up.