Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray has served as editor-in-chief of School Transportation News since October 2007. He is also the content and educational director for the North American School Bus EXPO, and the Transporting Students with Disabilities and Preschoolers National Conference, and is the chief content officer for parent company STN Media Group.

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June 2014

june14-coverPhoto Courtesy: Douglas DaviesDenis Gallagher is an entrepreneur as well as a busman. STBusMan, actually. That's the Twitter handle of the Student Transportation Inc. founder, CEO and chairman. The orchestrator of tremendous company growth, he sat down with us to talk school bus acquistions contracting, bid-ins, conversions alternative fuels and more.

May 2014

Why doesn't the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandate crossing gates at the front of school buses when they require stop arms on the side of these vehicles? Learn why and more in this month's digital edition.

StudentConnect Expands Reach Into California and Texas

StudentConnect secured its first school-district customer in California this week and its first such client in Texas two weeks prior. Both five-year agreements will allow school officials to use the company's student transportation technology at no cost.

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