2017 Keynote Speakers


Dr. Stephen Sroka

Sunday, July 9 @ 9 a.m.


Dr. Stephen Sroka is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, award winning teacher, author and consultant. He is an adjunct assistant professor in the Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine and was a teacher, coach and member of the crisis intervention team at Cleveland Public Schools from 1969-1999.


But “Boy is retarded,” reads the top of his third-grade report card. In elementary school, he was mocked for having a crossed eye and a speech impediment. He was crippled in a high school fight. Doctors said, “Listen to your teachers.” The more he listened, the smarter the teachers became. His high school counselor told him that he didn’t have the IQ to go to college, but he didn’t know that Steve had the I WILL. (Today it is called GRIT.)


He learned to live with the gifts of ADHD and dyslexia. He went from the “projects” to being inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. He was awarded The Walt Disney American Outstanding Teacher of Health and Physical Education, and has been on Oprah and covered in USA TODAY. He travels the world striving to reach, elevate and inspire with The Power of One message. After a cardiac arrest, he realized that The Power of One was not enough. He needed The Power of Many. We all do. He always did, he just didn’t know it. He does now.

Jesus M. Villahermosa, Jr

Monday, July 10 @ 8 a.m.


Jesus M. Villahermosa, Jr., is the founder of Crisis Reality Training, a safety and security consulting firm, 30 years ago while serving as a deputy for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department in Tacoma, Washington. He served as a member of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department S.W.A.T. Team from 1983 to 2013 and retired from the force a year later as a sergeant. Jesus is also the former director of campus safety at Pacific Lutheran University.


He was the first certified master defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement personnel in the state of Washington and was also a firearm’s instructor and is a certified active shooter instructor for law enforcement personnel. Jesus has participated in dozens of training sessions related to terrorism prevention and response as well as in hostage rescue and has put that training into action during actual high risk situations while under fire.


Since 1988, he has primarily focused specifically on the issues of school related and workplace violence. He has taught over 600,000 professionals and students across the U.S. and Canada on gangs, youth violence, workplace violence, rape and assault prevention, and school safety issues such as active killer response planning, lockdown training and school bus safety issues. Jesus has spoken to thousands of pupil transporters around the country on issues related to use of force, breaking up fights and responding to crisis on the bus. Additionally, Jesus has testified as a school safety, threat assessment and use of force expert in numerous trials both in the criminal and civil arenas and is highly effective in courtroom testimony.


In June of 1997, Jesus began teaching as a FEMA guest instructor at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland, where Emergency Management Services and schools established partnerships to minimize the impact of youth violence in our nation’s schools.


Jesus attended and completed the threat assessment course taught by the U.S. Secret Services’ National Threat Assessment Center in Washington, D.C., where targeted school and workplace violence prevention was the focus of the course.


In addition to co-producing segments of “The Sheriff’s Report” on Comcast Cable, Jesus has been a guest or interviewed for a variety of radio and T.V. talk shows including CBC radio in Canada, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw CNN’s Headline News and various local TV affiliates. He has been quoted in numerous national publications, wrote a gang reference guide for education professionals and is featured in numerous safety and security training videos.


Jesus is currently finishing a book on planning and responding to the active killer attack, which will reveal how to increase your chances of survival if you are a student, teacher or bus driver who is caught in the attack.

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