Federal Laws

SAFETEA-LU: The reauthorization of the federal highway bill enacted in August 2005 added a provision (49 USC 30112) that outlaws the nation's public schools from purchasing or leasing a non-conforming van for use in pupil transportation services. States may now lose federal highway safety funds if residing schools are discovered to be in violation. SAFETEA-LU expired at the end of September 2009, and Congress passed a half-dozen extensions to keep federal funding of state transportation and highway infrastructure funds flowing. A new reauthorization was expected by fall 2011.

Federal Law on Nonconforming Vans: 49 USC 301 outlining the prohibitions on manufacturing, selling, and importing noncomplying motor vehicles and equipment.

School Bus Safety Act of 2001: Proposed law in the 107th Congress by Rep. Mark Udall (R-CO) to prohibit the purchase, rent, or lease, for use as a schoolbus, of a motor vehicle that does not comply with motor vehicle safety standards that apply to schoolbuses, and for other purposes. The purpose of the law is to ban the use of non-conforming vans in school transportation use. Status: Enacted in SAFETEA-LU


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