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STN Unveils Sleek New TSD Conference Website Tailored for Busy Executives

STN Media Group last week launched a redesigned website for its Transporting Students with Disabilities and Preschoolers National Conference that boasts a bright, modern look and one landing page for easier navigation.  [Read more]

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ASBC Releases More About the Benefits of School Buses PDF Print E-mail
Association Corner
Written by Janna Smeltzer   

WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to a press release sent out today by the American School Bus Council (ASBC), the 480,000 school buses currently on the road are saving the country 2.3 billion gallons of fuel annually, which works out to more than $8 billion.

"We encourage parents to take advantage of the school bus transportation system to not only safely transport their children to school, but also to help increase the positive economic impact that school buses have on individual families and communities," said Terry Thomas, president and CEO of Community Bus Services and a member of ASBC.

The announcement is part of the organization’s efforts to encourage parents to understand the benefits to having their kids "Get on the Bus."

Other statistics included:

  • 17.3 million: Total number of private vehicles needed to transport students currently riding on all school buses
  • 822 million gallons per year: Total fuel used by school bus fleet
  • $3.4 billion per year: Total cost of fuel used by the U.S. school bus fleet
  • $131 per year: Cost of fuel per child transported by school bus
  • 3.1 billion gallons per year: Total fuel for cars replaced by buses
  • $11.4 billion per year: Cost of fuel for cars replaced by school buses
  • 62.4 billion: Total annual car mileage saved by students riding school buses
  • 346.6 million: Total daily car mileage saved by students riding school buses
  • 36: Average number of cars needed to transport students currently riding one school bus.

The group also added a new online fuel calculator on its Web site that offers districts the ability to calculate the possible economic and environmental impact of school bus service.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 November 2009 12:00

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Experts Share How to Prevent Spread of Disease in Schools, Buses

For months, Americans have seen images of Ebola patients in Africa on the news, but now there are two cases on our soil, one in Nebraska and one in Texas. The latter case is considered more troubling because last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and officials in Texas determined the ill person had direct contact with up to 80 people — including five schoolchildren.

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Rx for Bullying: Positive Behavior Programs That Build Trust and Support

Though headlines have blared about violence on the yellow bus just weeks into the new school year, school officials affirm that anti-bullying programs are making a difference for students across the nation.

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Why Key Performance Indicators Need to Be Applied to a School Bus Operation

Successful school bus district and contractor operations supervisors, safety supervisors and maintenance supervisors are heavily involved in setting specific targets for key performance indicators (KPIs) most closely tied to regulatory requirements, local work environment, fleet characteristics and driver performance. 

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