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Seon Celebrates Canada’s Pink Shirt Day to Support Anti-Bullying PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sylvia Arroyo   
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:23

The mobile surveillance equipment provider spent more than $600 on employee T-shirts for a company event held today to promote Canada’s annual campaign as well as its own “No Bullies on my Bus” campaign. In addition, Seon has raised $25,000 for anti-bullying education grants in the U.S.

School bus transportation directors or managers can apply for a grant at www.seon.com/anti-bullying by submitting their plan for anti-bullying education (up to $3,000 per campaign request).

Seon officials said its anti-bullying campaign was inspired by Pink Shirt Day, which the company participated in last year. Since then, it has conducted a coloring contest for children across North America while also publishing anti-bullying education and awareness blogs.

“Today we celebrate Pink Shirt Day, one of the inspirations behind our anti-bullying campaign. We wear the pink shirts with pride, and are excited to celebrate this special day in Canada,” said Seon President Terry Akiyama.

To learn more about Seon’s anti-bullying campaign efforts, as well as what the student transportation industry is doing to combat bullying, read “Exposing Bullying on the Bus” in our February issue.  

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