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Written by Ryan Gray   
Friday, 18 July 2014 08:35

The Trans Tech Bus SST model school bus passed the Altoona STURRA testing for structural durability and reliability this spring. No unscheduled maintenance failures or breakdowns were recorded.

The 20-foot, gasoline-powered, 15-seat, Type-A vehicle was submitted to the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center at the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute in January. The Structural Durablity test concluded in April, and according to the test results, Altoon reported that, "Durability driving resulted in no unscheduled maintenance or failures." The test also concluded that, "Accessibility, in general, was adequate, components covered in Section 1.3 (Repair and/or Replacement of Selected Subsystems), along with all other components encountered during testing, were found to be readily accessible and no restrictions were noted."

Complete testing concluded in May. The SST bus also averaged 9.60 mpg and recorded a high of 14.24 mpg on a commuter course. On the low end, the SST recorded 8.14 mpg on the central business district course and 9.10 mpg on the arterial course. The SST passed the double-lane change, obstacle-avoidance Safety Test. Altoona reported the SST safely performed in both right-hand and left-hand directions up to a maximum test speed of 45 mph.

Full reports are available via the Altoona website by searching for "Trans Tech Bus SST, report No. 1317."

"The test results exceeded our expectations. What we have been saying about the Trans Tech product line being durable, reliable, as well as being the most fuel efficient line of type A school buses was validated during the Altoona testing" said Trans Tech National Sales Manager Brian Barrington.

The SST was equipped with C.E. White Special Events seats mounted in the Trans Tech's Versa Track mounting system.

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