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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 09:20

Bio-Mag Breaks Down Bacteria in Fuel

SAN DIMAS, Calif. – California-based fuel purifier manufacturer RCI Technologies introduces its Bio-Mag™ line of magnetic fuel decontamination units.

The Bio-Mag is an in-line magnetic device designed to treat microbiological contamination in fuel systems and control further growth, reducing the need for biocides and other chemicals.

The device uses a magnetic field to break down bacteria so that it can pass through the conventional filtration system to be consumed in the engine combustion cycle. This, in turn, inhibits any further microbial growth, thus depleting the level of contamination in the storage tank.

RCI offers the Bio-Mag in a variety of sizes and specifications, depending on the application. Applications include automotive, truck, tractor, marine, bulk storage and other uses where bacterial contamination in fuel is a concern.

The Bio-Mag is suitable for use with RCI’s fuel purifiers and is a standard component in RCI’s FRS 660 Automatic Fuel Recirculating Systems™.

For more information, call (800) 868-2088 or visit www.rcitechnologies.com.

About RCI Technologies

RCI Technologies, founded in 1994, offers a complete line of diesel fuel purification products, which include the Universal Fuel Purifier™, the Portable Tank Cleaning Unit™ and the FRS 660 Automatic Fuel Recirculating System™. RCI’s products are used by the marine, trucking, bus, railroad, service station, construction and agricultural industries, as well as government agencies.

RCI’s fuel purifiers, which bear Green Clean Institute certification, utilize RCI’s patented fuel purification technology, using no filters or moving parts. By removing 99.9 percent of water and up to 98 percent of dust, dirt and other natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel, RCI’s products promote optimum fuel system efficiency and fuel economy, reduce engine down time and extend engine life.

For more information on RCI’s products, visit www.rcitechnologies.com or call (800) 868-2088.

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