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Monday, 07 March 2011 10:47

Inventors of the S-1 Gard Dangerzone Deflector (www.s1gard.com) for mass transit buses, Ron Anderson (Pacific Metal Fab) and Mark B. Barron (Public Transportation Safety International Corp.), have developed a patented body design that remedies the approximate 2-foot gap surrounding the dual real wheels of the school bus, and are seeking an OEM with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to obtain the rights to the patent in the future.

Over the past 10 years, there have been over 55 tragic child fatalities (not including serious or catastrophic injuries) due to the right, rear danger zone, an area where the U.S. Department of Transportation notes the highest number of fatalities. Since the beginning of 2011 alone there have even been two fatalities of note.

For this reason, over the past decade, PTS and PMF have been consistently working to eliminate tire exposure and contact surrounding the dual wheels of the school bus. A key point was noticed on fatality reports: children would first incur injuries by coming in contact with the tire, and then become propelled underneath the bus wheels. PTS and PMF were determined to design a body modification that would become a standard safety feature on all new buses, and further eliminate any related child injuries or fatalities.

School buses traditionally do not add after market parts, unless being specified by the end user; however, PTS believes the solution to this wheel well gap is not an after market part, but instead a body modification similar to the Thomas Built Buses FS-65 with a sloped hood for increased child visibility (reference www.mdzshield.com). The Minimize Danger Zone Shield (MDZ Shield) covers the wheel well opening and cantilevers in front of the dual wheels, serving as a physical barrier. The guard is quickly and easily mounted to the side panel of the bus, lessening both material and labor costs, while making it visible for operator’s inspection.

PTS is hopeful of the modernized strategy for creating a body modification via OEM, versus selling a costly aftermarket part, as selling the body design through a dealer or distributor would make it cost prohibitive. With PTS and PMF offering to pay all related hard costs, the participating OEM would have a standard safety feature, and obtain the rights to the patent. The OEM would then be able to set an affordable price, creating a level playing field where all OEMs could implement the shield.

Our mission at PTS is to serve as a catalyst for positive safety changes. PTS was founded in 1993 and has since been successfully selling the S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector to the mass transit industry. PMF (previously A&K Development) was founded in 1979, and manufactures innovative equipment for the food processing and agricultural industry. For further information or durability inquiries, please view our website www.mdzshield.com, or call Krista Barry, operations director, at (213) 489-1443, or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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