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Friday, 16 May 2014 10:35

Lion 360 BusGALWAY, N.Y. — Galway Central School District has purchased its first all-composite exterior-paneled full-sized bus, which may eliminate the need to repaint and/or replace or repair rust and corrosion found on the typical steel bus that schools usually purchase.

Galway’s Director of Facilities and Transportation Michael Sherman explained, “The district purchased the 71-passenger Lion 360 bus that’s designed to last more than 15 years in the harsh and highly corrosive winter environment we have in upstate New York. The outside of the bus is comprised of a composite material designed to withstand corrosion. The end result is a bus with a lower total cost of ownership, lower maintenance costs and longer life cycle. The undercarriage is steel and the district has purchased Carwell undercoating with a 15-year warranty for corrosion on the undercarriage and frame.

“Most current school buses are made out of steel panels and cost a school district over $10,000 per bus in corrosion repairs over its eight- to 10-year life cycle. By extending the life of a school bus to 15-plus years, and by reducing rust and corrosion maintenance, we are expecting to save more than $60,000 per bus.”

According to the Lion Bus website, the fuel economy based on a Lion Bus study comparing fuel savings over a 15-year period with IC Bus, Thomas Built and Blue Bird buses show a savings of between 7 percent and 15.5 percent.

Near zero tailpipe emissions are due to Cummins Selective Catalytic Reduction system that uses diesel exhaust fluid sprayed into the exhaust system to help meet EPA requirements.

School Superintendent Shannon Shine said, “That’s a tremendous savings for the district and for our tax payers. In addition to the savings on maintenance, the buses have above-average fuel economy and near- zero tailpipe emissions. So we are making a positive environmental impact as well; it’s a ‘win-win’ situation.”

Bill Gorman, president of Gorman Enterprises, where the bus was purchased, said, “Galway Central School District has taken the leadership role with the purchase of their first Lion 360 school bus from Gorman Enterprises. With the extended life cycle of the bus, which is what the state has been looking for, along with the lower maintenance costs, the resulting lower cost of ownership will be beneficial both at the local and state levels.”