Mo. District Takes Over School Busing, Expects to Save $500K

The Rockwood School District west of St. Louis has its name on the side of school buses for the first time in 42 years after transitioning transporation service back in-house, a move it said is expected to save $500,000 in the first year alone.

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Ready to Roll: School Bus Winter Prep Made Easy

Theresa Anderson of TMAnderson Consulting near Denver wrote the following article for National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 17-21. She granted STN permission to reprint it here, as we found the recommendations to be easy to implement for school bus operators in the coldest climates. Plus, who knows, with the crazy weather we've been having over the last several years, our friends in warmer climates might also appreciate the tips.

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Penury and Allied Oil Team Up to Solve Diesel Fuel Storage Problems

WHEELING, Ill. September — Penray, Inc. is a leading U.S. developer, manufacturer and marketer of chemical additives and treatment products for diesel fuels. Allied Oil & Tire Company, a highly respected distributor of petroleum products, provides storage/dispensing equipment and maintenance services. Allied Industrial Services, a division of Allied Oil & Tire Co., provides fuel reclamation, tank cleaning services, fuel polishing and waste disposal.