Micro Bird Announces Recall Due to Possible Electrical Short

Micro Bird will begin recalling less than 100 Girardin MB IV and MB II due to an issue with a power resistor in the vehicle's evaporator.

A total of 26 1999 to 2002 MB IV and 30 1999 to 2001 MB IV and MB II are part of the two separate recalls. To regulate blower speed in the buses, a power resistor is used. But with the above models, a short could occur in the "low or medium speed" circuit while the blower is in high speed, causing a "feedback through the resistor to ground, not drawing enough current to trip the fuse." The short would then "cause the resistor temperature to rise to a point where it will melt and possibly ignite the plastic blower housing to which it is mounted. the overheating can result in a fire."

Micro Bird, in cooperation with Trans/Air, will install a thermal shutdown device in series with the speed resistors to fix the problem. The repairs are scheduled to begin in January.




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