Thomas, Collins, IC Announce Recalls

Three OEMs part of minor recalls that amounts to approximately 600 school buses all together.

Daimler Trucks (Campaign ID number 10V058000) is currently recalling 100 model year 2011 Saf-T-Liner C2, HDX, MVP-EF, and Minotour school buses manufactured from Oct. 21, 2009 and Jan. 19, 2010, because “the seat cushion hinge tolerance may allow the cushion to slip laterally causing the latch striker to become disengaged from the seat frame.” Consequently, if it becomes unlatched, less force will be required to lift it.

Navistar (Campaign ID number 10V054000) is recalling 250 IC model year 2010 FE and RE school buses manufactured from June 1 through Aug. 19, 2009, because the wires in the headlight electrical harness “may have been installed in the incorrect connector cavities resulting in degraded low beam headlight intensity.”

Collins (Campaign ID number 10V049000) sent out a recall notice concerning 112 model year 2009 Bantam, Super Bantam, and Grand Bantam school buses manufactured between April 1 and Oct. 1, 2009, that were built on Ford cutaway chassis. According to the Office of Defects Investigation, “the brake-turn separator module which is used to control the brake lights and turn signals lights in the rear may not always distinguish correctly between a brake signal input and a turn signal input from the ford chassis OEM wiring...if the brakes are pumped/applied in a frequency matching that of the blinking turn signal while the turn indicator is on, there is the potential that the brake signal through the module may cancel out the turn signal temporarily or cause it to flash intermittently.”

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