April 2017

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The school bus industry continues to push the importance of WC18 and WC19 standards to provide complete securement safety to students transported in wheelchairs. National training at the vendor level and at this month’s TSD Conference aims to help spread the word. 


The Current State of Optimization
Rhode Island's model of efficient and cost-effective student transportation service relies on an innovative out-of-district transportation option reliant on partnership and customer service.

Yarn is for Knitting, Not Route Planning 
Say goodbye to antiquated transportation department tools such as string, grease pencils and push-pins as route optimization software is the new mainstay. 

It's A Gas!
School districts are increasingly experimenting with alternatives, especially propane, to power their school buses. And is the option of gasoline making a comeback?


Districts Squeeze Savings Out of Pubic Co-ops, Private Contracting

There's Nothing Accidental About Proper Risk Management

New Type-A Titan on the Block

Tire Price Hike Hits Commercial Vehicle Industry 


First Take by Ryan Gray
What's the True Meaning of FAPE?

Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski
When Will Alt-Fuels Replace Diesel and Gas-Powered School Buses?

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
All Questions, No Answers Amid Budgetary Madness



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