Reaching the Summit Was Half the Battle

Reaching the Summit Was Half the Battle

Traveling is never fun, but the destination is always worth the troubles.


My adventure to this year's NAPT conference in Louisville, Ky., started off with a short drive to the Los Angeles International Airport. The long lines didn’t seem out of the ordinary, but issues kept arising in every line we chose to stand in, causing yours truly and STN’s general manager, Branden Smeltzer, to have to run to the gate with our belts and shoes in one hand and our carry-ons in the other, with a minute to spare before the airplane’s door was closed.

The flight to Cincinnati was uneventful (just how I prefer my flights to be) and we landed with no problems, until we left the gate, that is. Our 20-minute overlay had suddenly been extended to two hours because of issues at the Newark (N.J.) airport. We had some dinner and waited, and waited some more because our flight was now delayed three hours. At around 11:40 p.m., over three and a half hours after our original connection time, our plane landed and we boarded.

The flight was once again uneventful and lasted about 17 minutes. We arrived at the hotel a little after 12:30 a.m. and were happy to have finally made it to the hometown of Muhammad Ali and the Louisville Slugger. Now for some good times with good people.

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