Round Up: School Bus Heroes and Getting Kicked Off Over a Little Gas

This news "round up" looks at a few of the many different examples of school bus heroes, a student that is let off the bus for letting one rip and the aftermath of a school bus fire in North Carolina.

The Huffington Post took a moment to highlight some well-deserved heroes this week. In an article dated May 12, the online news site wrote about North Carolina bus driver Evans Okoduwa, who talked down a student who had brought a gun onboard and was planning to hijack the school bus. Okoduwa was able to use words to calm the student and save the lives of everyone on board.

Then there was fellow North Carolina driver Penny Cooper, who saved the lives of 39 elementary students by evacuating them from a burning bus, as well as yet another North Carolina driver Brenda Morgan, who rushed 12 students off of another burning bus before it exploded a few weeks earlier. Video shows the aftermath of the fire on Cooper's bus.

Jumping over to the West Coast, the article also talked about the life-saving efforts of California school bus driver Danny Waldrum, who noticed a 13-year-old special needs choking and after stopping the bus gave him the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged a pebble from the child's throat.

Similarly, this past March, Michigan school bus driver Michelle Babcock (no relation to this STN reporter) pulled over and performed the Heimlich maneuver after seeing a first-grader "red-faced and gasping for breath" in her rearview mirror.


Now, to something less intense, and to a different slant on "gas" problems. Two students from Canal Winchester (Ohio) Middle School were suspended from the bus for a seemingly infectious case of flatulence, something the district deemed "an obscene gesture." According to the bus driver, this was the second time the duo had teamed up to break wind, which many of their fellow classmates found hilarious. Obviously the bus driver didn't share the same sentiment.

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