In Honor of National Events, Q’Straint Serves up Critical Safety Tips

In Honor of National Events, Q’Straint Serves up Critical Safety Tips

School bus wheelchair securement manufacturer Q’Straint is taking the opportunity of America’s Safe Schools Week and School Bus Safety Week to provide some important school bus safety driving tips.

The National School Safety Center, state governors and state school superintendents sponsor America’s Safe Schools Week, which takes place Oct. 21-27. This observance is also actively supported by local, state and national public officials and professional organizations. Additionally, every third full week in October is observed by school districts and school bus contractors across the U.S. as National School Bus Safety Week.

Each day, 480,000 yellow school buses travel the nation’s roads, according to the National School Transportation Association.

While school safety encompasses a lot more than just school bus safety protocols, as providers of school bus wheelchair securement, we wanted to extend our knowledge in this all too important area of school security. Here are seven Q’Straint experts in school bus safety offering their advice:

Tips for School Bus Drivers

When approaching a railroad crossing, slow down, test your brakes and activate your four-way hazard lights about 200 feet before the crossing.

-Lisa Nippolt, Western Regional Manager for the School Bus Market

Always inspect your school bus vehicle before venturing out. By doing so, you will be able to repair or adjust any problem your school bus is facing, so that you will be able to provide a safe and comfortable journey for your passengers.

-Joe Boyko, Northeast Regional Manager for the School Bus Market

Always be aware of your surroundings. Most car accidents are caused by drivers who were either dozing off behind the wheel or just plain getting distracted by mobile devices, for example. In order to keep our student passengers safe throughout the whole school bus journey, you should always keep your eyes on the road and be proactive.

-Chris Yarber, Southeast Regional Manager for the School Bus Market

Always maintain a safe distance between your school bus vehicle and the automobile in front of you. In most cases, you are sharing the road with other vehicles. In addition, the driving conditions are worsened when you are driving your routes during extreme traffic congestion. Despite the fact that your vehicle is much larger compared to the rest of the cars on the road, this does not mean that you own the whole road. Always keep a safe distance between other vehicles, to compensate for sudden stops from the vehicle(s) in front of you.

-Trisha Nolen, Southern Regional Manager for the School Bus Market

While this seems obvious, it is important to note that school bus seats are designed to protect the student passengers when they are seated properly. This means it is absolutely imperative to ensure that all the kids are seated when the bus is in motion.

-Mike Grom, Director of Sales for the Mobility, School Bus and Para-Transit markets

Make sure all children have crossed the street completely before retracting the crossing arm. Even if you do not see anyone in the vicinity it is better to wait a little longer for last-minute students to avoid any potential accident.

-Bud Fears, Midwest Regional Manager for the School Bus Market

Technology is great for improving school bus safety, but forgive me for my pun, you still have to go old school and use all the safety equipment that comes with the bus. Mirrors are one example of what bus drivers should use routinely. Mirrors and video on their own, and sensors on their own, are good, but far more safety value is derived when they are all used in conjunction with one another.

-Thiago Gonsalves, Latin American Sales Manager for the School Bus Market

While some of the above-mentioned primers for school bus driver safety may be viewed as common sense, they can still save lives if executed properly.

On behalf of the Q’Straint family, we wish everyone a healthy and safe American Safe School Week and School Bus Safety Week. We hope you found these school bus safety driving tips helpful.

Q’Straint is the industry leading school bus manufacturer of products that allow students with disabilities to travel independently and safely. Did you know that many of the school buses throughout the United States are equipped with Q’Straint wheelchair securement equipment that is designed specifically to keep students with special needs safe and also provide them with the freedom of mobility? Learn more at:

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