'Wear' Is the School Bus Driver Uniform?

When you think of someone who is a "person of authority," who do you imagine? What is your picture of that leader? 
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Towards an Open Transportation Culture

When I train new supervisors and directors we always spend a fair share of time talking about how to create a successful culture where fresh, creative, and productive ideas flourish.…
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Did You Make a Defensible Decision?

I’ve written a book about it.  I’ve given presentations about it.  I’ve made it a focus of my career to teach school transportation professionals how to make a legally defensible…
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2015 Love the Bus Photos

"School bus drivers play a critical role in the lives and educations of the nation's students, and the Love the Bus program is a fun way for us to recognize…
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Priorities in Training

A parent approaches a school bus door as he is just finishing a conversation, which you overhear, about his recent trip to West Africa. It looks like he might have…
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Is NHTSA Reopening School Bus Seat Belt Issue?

It certainly looks that way, as ABC's Good Morning America reports NHTSA is re-examine the polarizing issue, indicating the industry's Great Debate will renew.
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Beyond Broken Windows

In safety, we often focus on policies and procedures, training and maintenance, while trying to employ some behavior-based safety ideas. However, sometimes it's the little things that can have the…
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