School Bus Terrorism: Are We Now Less Prepared?

Recent events have caused many school, pupil transportation and public safety officials to re-examine the threat of school-related and school bus-related terrorism. While I am not predicting acts of terrorism,…
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The Lost Customer

A few months ago I wrote about a very progressive staff “play day” I witnessed during a layover at LaGuardia airport. Soon after I had another layover at New York…
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Living Compliance

I talk about compliance a lot, but don't always think about what it means in a practical or personal sense. I actively seek to comply always with my value system.…
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Cleaning Vehicles in Your Own Facility

Jack JacksonWhen will you be banned from cleaning vehicles in your facility? It's happening more and more often. Companies have been banned from washing vehicles on their property.
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Roundup: The Return of The Magic School Bus

An entirely new generation of kids will soon be introduced to the hijinks of Ms. Frizzle when new episodes of "The Magic School Bus," a popular animated television show of…
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