School Bus Safety Company Announces New Training Module for Special Needs Drivers

School Bus Safety Company Announces New Training Module for Special Needs Drivers

CLEVELAND — The School Bus Safety Company announced today they have just completed the development of a completely new approach to training school bus drivers who transport special needs children.

Transporting Students with Special Needs is the first-ever curriculum to cover all aspects of this challenging career, using professionally-developed, adult, blended-learning techniques.

The course includes seven DVD’s, a Trainer’s Guide, a Driver’s Study & Reference Guide and a laminated Job Aid, summarizing the most important issues a driver needs to know. The subjects covered are:

  1. Legislation Overview
  2. Transportation Challenges
  3. Types of Special Needs
  4. Lifts & Mobility Devices
  5. Securement
  6. Emergency Evacuations
  7. Balancing Needs

The DVDs include comments made by special needs children and their parents, who explain what they look for from the drivers transporting their children. “Students with special needs deserve the safest, most professional transportation possible. We owe it to the drivers to fully prepare them so that they can provide safe and efficient service,” said Jeff Cassell, President of The School Bus Safety Company.

Hundreds of children are injured every year when their drivers fail to take needed precautions. It all begins with driver education and training, which until now, has been left to homespun remedies and unstructured on-the-job demonstrations.

Safe lift operation and proper handling of mobility devices is extremely important. So is securement of such devices once the child is on the bus. “Too many children have been hurt when these devices are not correctly handled or secured,” said Cassell. In addition to the technical skills, the course also explores important issues such as empathy and sensitivity and teaches school bus drivers how to better communicate with the children and their parents.

This is SBSC’s second module and follows the highly successful Driver Training Course, now in place at more than 500 school districts.

The Special Needs Course is only $1,795 and can be used for many years.

For more information, please visit the web site at or contact:

Jeff Cassell, President
The School Bus Safety Company
(866) 275-7272


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