TAPTCO Releases Modern Training Programs for Transit and Paratransit Bus Operators

TAPTCO Releases Modern Training Programs for Transit and Paratransit Bus Operators

CLEVELAND - The Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) announced today they have just completed the development of comprehensive training courses for both Transit and Paratransit bus operators.

“These are unlike anything ever before seen in the bus business,” said Jeff Cassell, President of TAPTCO. “These modern programs are refreshingly new, entertaining, custom designed for each type of bus and most importantly, effective,” said Cassell.

The courses include 28 high-quality video-based presentations, Classroom Facilitator Guides, Behind-the Wheel Instructor Guides, Operator Study Guides and Operator Training Progress Charts. The courses are:

1. The Transit Operator Development Course - $6,000
2. The Paratransit Operator Development Course - $6,000
3. The Trainer Certification Process - $2,000

These courses ensure that the drivers are fully prepared to provide the safest most efficient service. They focus on the drivers and make a real difference in their daily behaviors.

“Thirty-five transit agencies have already signed up to use these courses,” said Cassell. “They are excited by this new refreshing approach and are about to take their performance to a whole new Level.”

“I participated in developing the Transit Operator Development Course just created by TAPTCO. This is a comprehensive course that addresses all areas that a transit system needs to provide safe and effective training to their organization. I would recommend this course to all transit agencies,” said Chris DeVoll, the Risk Management Specialist for Washington State Transit Insurance Pool. Chris is also a Senior Associate Instructor for the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI).

“The Ohio Transit Risk Pool is providing a copy of the new TAPTCO comprehensive Transit Driver Training Program to all of our members.  We found this program to be the most professional, effective, transit-specific training material available.  It is comprehensive, systematic and it integrates a continual safety message into every module.” said Kenneth F. Reed, ARM-P, AIC, Loss Control Services Manager, Ohio Transit Risk Pool.

TAPTCO is the first and only professional services company dedicated solely to helping agencies and bus companies deliver on their promise of safe, efficient, friendly on time transportation.

To obtain a free demo disk or for more information, please visit www.TAPTCO.com or contact:

Jeff Cassell

Transit & Paratransit Company
(855) 963-3900

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