Tiny Smart Earbud Provides Life Saving Alerts

CINCINNATI – Maven Machines, creators of the first Smart wireless headset for driver safety announced today the release of a significantly smaller product at the NPTC Annual Conference. The new Maven Co-Pilot SE™ packs all Maven Machines' sophisticated driver safety features inside a slim Bluetooth® earbud. The small in-ear style headset will open new markets for Maven Machines' mobile driver safety system that includes real-time monitoring of driver fatigue & distraction.

Maven Machines' initial smart headset, The Maven Co-Pilot™ used an over-the-ear format preferred by over-the-road truck drivers.  The reduced form-factor will expand the reach of its driver safety technology to additional industry segments.  "For example, LTL and delivery drivers who are in and out of the truck frequently, and service drivers who engage directly with customers expressed an interest in a sleeker more discreet design," said Craig Campbell, VP Marketing.

The new Maven Co-Pilot SE (Smart Earbud) is 20 times smaller than the original over-head unit and weighs just 0.5 ounces.  The Maven Co-Pilot SE, while much smaller, still improves certain features.  The new connection manager pairs to a phone or tablet in just 100 milliseconds (1/10th of a second) and has new echo and noise cancellation algorithms for clearer audio.  Safety features have also been upgraded.

The Maven Co-Pilot SE breaks new ground in the wearable device category for industrial worker augmentation and driver safety.  The patent-pending smart headset measures driver head position in 3D space in real-time to provide early warnings for driver fatigue and distraction.  Additionally, the smart Bluetooth® headset's motion sensors communicate with GPS sensors on the driver's mobile phone to provide active verbal coaching for key driver safety metrics such as speeding and hard braking.  "The Maven Co-Pilot SE is a powerful IoT device capable of pre-alerting drivers to the most prevalent driving dangers; fatigue, speeding, and distractions that takes a driver's eyes off the road," said Mr. Campbell.   "Drivers get instant feedback and have total data transparency," added Mr. Campbell

Maven's innovative biometric monitoring device for driver safety has kept drivers safe and alert over millions of miles.  The Maven Co-Pilot SE is a full featured Bluetooth headset that augments human perception with sensors and algorithms.  If a driver looks down and up repeatedly at a mobile device, or their mirror-check rate slips, or they head-bob, the Maven Co-Pilot smart headset alerts the driver. Messages are data-driven and use speech technology to deliver concise remarks on driver behavior.   "With the release of the new Maven Co-Pilot SE, now any driver, short-haul or long-haul, can benefit from Maven's intelligent wearable devices and get protection and active coaching in a legally compliant hands-free headset or earbud," Mr. Campbell concluded.