SLEC Awarded Certification on 12 Styles of Column Lifts

BALTIMORE, Md.-- SLEC, the Baltimore based manufacturer of heavy duty mobile lifts, has been awarded certification on 12 styles of column lifts having successfully completed rigorous testing to the current National standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV: 2011.

All variations of the 18Type (18,000lbs) were tested including the “basic” control panel option, the 2 plus 2 configuration (which gives the ability to operate as separate sets of two or as a connected set of four) and the 575v options for the Canadian marketplace. The 18Type “standard” lift was certified in 2015. 

The full range of accessories have been tested to their relevant standard (ALI for accessories attached to lifts/ASME PASE for free standing accessories). Said Wayne Pielert, Production and Engineering Manager for SLEC “certification is key in a number of ways………it creates an independent benchmark for customers peace of mind but it also helps galvanize our standards in engineering. All of SLEC’s lifts are designed to the same benchmarks regardless of whether they are certified or not”.

ALI, which stands for Automotive Lift Institute, is the standard for mobile lift safety.  All lifts that are ALI certified have been tested by a third-party to meet or exceed the safety and performance requirements outlined in the ANSI/ALI ALCTV safety standard.  Part of the testing process includes loading the lift to 150 percent of its rated load capacity.  This ensures there are no structural defects.

Lift testing verifies structural integrity of the lift systems and components.  Functionality is key in this environment; especially where operation of controls, load-holding, proper lowering speeds, and overload protection are concerned. 

Lift testing and certification is voluntary for manufacturers.  However, the responsibility for purchasing a certified lift rests with the consumer.  To ensure your lift is meeting proper safety precautions, always look for the ALI gold certification label.  

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