Stertil-Koni Continuous Recess System Brings Time Saving Enhancements, Safety and Convenience to its Inground Telescopic-Piston Diamond Lift

STEVENSVILLE, Md. – Heavy duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni announced today, that its state-of-the-art Continuous Recess system is now available on its inground telescopic piston lift – the DIAMOND LIFT – bringing time saving enhancements, safety and convenience to school bus maintenance techs on the shop floor.

Ease of use has always been one of the cornerstones of Stertil-Koni vehicle lift development. That’s why Stertil-Koni engineers developed the Continuous Recess system originally for its inground full-rise scissor ECOLIFT and now, it’s available in the United States and Canada on the DIAMOND LIFT.

The Continuous Recess moveable lifting unit in the DIAMOND LIFT is an industry first for piston-style lifts in North America. The Continuous Recess unit allows the bolster to recess flush to the floor anywhere in the horizontal range of piston travel. The bolsters remain completely flush with the floor which facilitates lift set up, minimizes the possibility of hitting the lift with the vehicle and reducing tripping hazards. Its flat pit covers are made from anodized aluminum and are equipped with a skid resistant surface.

In making today’s announcement, Stertil-Koni President Dr. Jean DellAmore noted, “Stertil-Koni has always brought the very best in state-of-the-art manufacturing, operator ease-of-use and safety to fleet maintenance shops across North America. The Continuous Recess moveable lifting unit in the DIAMOND LIFT is an industry first for piston-style lifts. This innovative engineering enhances the DIAMOND LIFT – popular because of its optimum flexibility, productivity, durability and environmental containment.”

Here’s what is groundbreaking about the Stertil-Koni Continuous Recess system:

1. The lifting bolster can horizontally relocate anywhere within the range of travel without having to be elevated.
2. The aluminum trench cover system is maintenance free and provides full drive over capacity as well as accepting a point load of up to 7500 psi.
3. Significantly reduces set up time while increasing lift safety.

The DIAMOND LIFT has a lifting capacity up to 35,000 lbs. per piston, or a total of 105,000 lbs. in the three-piston configuration. It is available in two versions: “cassette” and “frame.” The DIAMOND LIFT is designed to accommodate vehicles with extremely
low ground clearances.

When operating the DIAMOND LIFT, the first locking point safely engages almost directly after the tires clear the floor which makes it ideal for working on wheels or brakes. The anodized aluminum floor trench covers are corrosion resistant and have full drive-over capacity.

With its intelligent design and high quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and other wear and tear, the DIAMOND LIFT is built to last. This becomes even more obvious below ground level. Instead of rollers, the DIAMOND LIFT uses self-lubricating sliding blocks supporting optimum point load distribution for prolonged durability. These blocks slide on full stainless steel sliding strips. Its reverse gear drive is unique in the market and is probably the most robust and reliable system available today.

“The Continuous Recess system has been one of the greatest safety features in our ECOLIFT and is now available for DIAMOND LIFT,” noted Matthias Lennemann, sales manager, inground lifts for Stertil-Koni. “This addition to the DIAMOND LIFT is going to change the way shop technicians use their inground lifts and will greatly enhance safety while reducing setup time – making the vehicle repair process smoother and more efficient.”

About Stertil-Koni
Stertil-Koni, a brand of the Stertil Group, is the global market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts – bus lifts and truck lifts – and is the preferred supplier to the world’s leading companies in the truck and bus industries. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes mobile column lifts, two-post, four-post, in-ground piston lifts, platform lifts, half-scissors and its innovative axleengaging, inground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The DIAMOND LIFT is now available in a “frame” version, engineered specifically for concrete foundations and ideal for replacement situations. Stertil-Koni is especially well known for its portable lifts (mobile columns) and high-performance inground and platform lifting systems. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland. Stertil- Koni has production facilities in Europe, in The Netherlands, and in the USA in Streator, Illinois.


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