ARI Phoenix, Inc. Introduces New Patent Pending "ELEVATE" Mobile Lift Safe Cable Management System

LEBANON, Ohio – ARI Phoenix, Inc. has released its new and revolutionary "ELEVATE" heavy duty mobile lift maintenance cable system. Easily attaching to the top of your mobile posts, "ELEVATE" raises your cables for a safer workplace, providing an unobstructed path beneath the vehicle. 

"ELEVATE" provides all of the following: 

  • Easily attaches to the top of your mobile columns 
  • Elevates all of your interconnecting cables from the shop floor 
  • Engineered composite knobs enable a smooth tightening effect on cables 
  • Provides unobstructed path beneath vehicle 
  • Lightweight cable design engineered for flexibility 

Eddie Cooper, VP of Product Development at ARI Phoenix, Inc. stated, "Safety is our top priority at ARI Phoenix, Inc. Getting your cables off of the ground creates a safer work environment, and is one more way to contribute to your overall safe conditions at work."

Greg McCart, Senior Vice President of Sales added, "Our new "Elevate" system is a direct result of customer requests for a method to safely and effectively remove cables from the shop floor. Response for this product has been tremendous with many requests to add to existing systems. This is just one more example of ARI Phoenix, Inc. leading the way in creating value added improvements for not only new products, but for existing and previous generation products as well!" 

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About The Company 
ARI Phoenix, Inc. is a customer focused company specializing in maintenance equipment for heavy-duty vehicles, and provides leadership in safety, reliability, durability and best value. ARI Phoenix, Inc. offers safe and reliable mobile lifting systems, exhaust extraction systems and wheel service products for heavy-duty maintenance in over 40 different industries. 

Last modified onTuesday, 22 August 2017 15:25