Lion Electric Sends 13 Clean Buses to Canada

Lion Electric Sends 13 Clean Buses to Canada

TORONTO ONT CANADA — The Lion Electric Co. (Lion), an innovative company manufacturing zero emission vehicles, announced today the production of 13 all-electric school buses for Ontario operators.

As part of an Ontario government pilot project that will evaluate the performance of electric school buses, school bus operators received funding to purchase a vehicle and charging infrastructure. Thirteen successful applicants selected Lion’s flagship electric school bus. These vehicles, called eLion Cs, will be deployed in different climate conditions and fleet sizes, in locations around Canada. These include: Ottawa, London, Mississauga, Toronto, Kenora (northwestern Ontario) and Chapleau (northeastern Ontario).

Lion has already deployed over 150 all-electric school buses in the last two years across North America, with more than one million kilometers driven.

“Electrifying school buses is the most environmental, social and cost-effective solution to protect our children from harmful emissions and improve educational experiences,” said Marc Bedard, Lion’s CEO and Founder. “Lion is proud that our zero-emission buses are able to support this Ontario initiative. We are also thankful for our private bus partners for leading the EV movement and are excited to launch the first electric school buses in Ontario’s history.”

“The Ontario Electric School Bus Pilot Program is a fantastic initiative for the future of Ontario’s clean transportation industry,” said Benoit Morin, VP of sales. “Lion has provided technical and maintenance training to the owners, as well as driver’s training and charging infrastructure support. We believe that offering best-in-class after-market product assistance is key to this pilot’s success.”

Switzer-CARTY Transportation is one of the private school bus partners that was selected to participate in the electric bus pilot, and the first to take delivery of a new eLion C. “We are excited to have this opportunity to be a part of this innovative initiative and test leading edge electric powerbuses,” said Jim Switzer, president/CEO of Switzer-CARTY Transportation. “Switzer-CARTY is a leader in school bus transportation in the Province of Ontario, and welcomes the opportunity to operate the eLion C in partnership with the Province and the Lion Electric Company.”

About the Lion Electric Co.

Lion Electric Co. is an innovative manufacturer of zero emission vehicles. Since its foundation in 2008, Lion’s mission has been to develop durable, integrated solutions, while reducing its environmental footprint. Always actively seeking new technologies, Lion vehicles have unique features that are specifically adapted to its users and their everyday needs.

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