Zonar, Telematics Clearinghouse Provide Insurance Benefits

The Zonar 2020 mobile tablet is one reason whyATG Risk Solutions said it wanted to partner with the Seattle-based GPS and telematics company. The Zonar 2020 mobile tablet is one reason whyATG Risk Solutions said it wanted to partner with the Seattle-based GPS and telematics company.

ATG Risk Solutions is providing customers of fleet GPS and telematics company Zonar Systems with the ability to tap into risk management and underwriting programs, as well as potential incentives based on the increased safety of their vehicles and drivers.

The ATG Clearinghouse gathers, stores, normalizes and standardizes vehicle and driving data from telematics data providers, or TSPs, such as Zonar, and securely shares the information with insurance providers. In turn, underwriters can better assess risk and rate commercial auto insurance policies. 

The captured Zonar data can include VIN, time, date, geo-location, acceleration, braking, cornering, and G-Force of impact, all examples of data points that can assist claims adjusters in more quickly and more accurately assessing the cause and severity of collisions and verifying the facts of the claim.

As a result, insurance providers can also offer incentives and discounts to fleet customers for increasing their safety score, and fleet operators can better estimate the cost of their policies. ATG is the developer of the FAIR Score, short for Forward Assessment of Indexed Risk, that offers an analysis of a fleet’s driving safety normalized by underwriting class and territory, including the context of the driven environment and vehicle characteristics. 

“Thanks to the ATG Clearinghouse, our fleet customers now have a means of sharing their vehicle and driving data with their insurers in a protected, yet transparent, way that will help them better manage risk, simplify claims and reduce losses. This is surely a win-win for our customers and their insurers,” said Brett Britton, Zonar CEO and co-founder. “This revolutionary data-sharing program will undoubtedly save lives and increase the profitability of our clients.”

Chris Carver, president of ATG Risk Solutions, who also co-founded the firm after leading the Liberty Mutual telematics risk management insurance program for four years, said the partnership makes sense because Zonar is a industry leader in providing telematics services. He referred to the Seattle-based company as a “true innvovator in telematics data collection” for fleet management and driver safety. He pointed specifically to the web-based Ground Traffic Control fleet management software and the 2020 mobile communications tablet, which Zonar represents said goes “dark" while the vehicle is in operation so as to not distract the driver.

“Now, as a founding TSP partner of the ATG Clearinghouse, Zonar continues its leadership role by helping make usage-based insurance a reality for insurers and insureds, alike,” Carver continued.

With the Zonar partnership, ATG Risk Solutions is moving forward with its focus on commercial fleet business, said Jim White, vice president of marketing at the firm. But he added the company is also exploring how it could expand to the consumer market.

Last modified onWednesday, 19 August 2015 13:34