Diesel Prices Reach All-Time Low

Diesel Prices Reach All-Time Low

For the 13th straight week, the average price of diesel fell in the U.S., dropping 2.3 cents a gallon to just over $2. According to the Department of Energy, this drop sets a record low in the era of ultra-low-sulfur fuel.

Prices have been in a near constant decline for more than a year, listing at nearly 83 cents cheaper than this time in 2015. These current rock-bottom prices are reported throughout the nation.

According to the latest numbers released by the Energy Department, the largest drop was in the Midwest, which saw a 10.4-cent decrease for the week. The smallest drop was in the Central Atlantic region at 3.5 cents.

Regular gasoline has also seen a drastic price drop, the national average holding strong at almost $1.76 a gallon. This is a 43.2-cent decrease since 12 months ago. 

Last modified onWednesday, 10 February 2016 09:44