Seon Brings 360° Vision to School Bus and Transit Fleets

Seon Brings 360° Vision to School Bus and Transit Fleets

Seon has launched a camera for the school bus and transit fleet markets that eliminates dangerous vehicle blind spots that threaten student and pedestrian safety.

The inView 360 Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) System strategically places four cameras around a vehicle to capture a 195 degree ultra-wide-angle views of the front, rear, driver and curb side.

“Traditional mirror and rear vision camera technology still leave students and pedestrians walking near a school or transit bus vulnerable to dangerous blind spots,” said Tom Gill, president of Seon. “inView 360 gives drivers a real-time 360-degree bird’s eye view of their surroundings to prevent accidents and improve pedestrian safety.”

Seon, which is the leading provider of mobile video surveillance and fleet management solutions, stated that the four views provided by the inView are blended and stitched together in an Electronic Control Unit and displayed to the driver in real-time. 

When combined with a digital video recorder, the views on the display can be recorded and reviewed by fleet managers to easily identify the cause of an accident.

Playback software displays multiple camera angles and audio synchronized with vehicle telemetry data, such as brake signals, vehicle speed and GPS location, giving fleet managers verifiable evidence to prove false claims and reduce insurance costs.

“The desire to improve driver visibility is the core value behind the development of the inView 360 AVM system,” said Kevin Brady, product manager of inView 360. “If we can give drivers a better view of their surroundings, they can avoid costly accidents and prevent vehicle damage, saving the lives of pedestrians and reducing fleet liability and insurance costs.”

Last modified onTuesday, 17 May 2016 14:37