REI Develops Powerful Stop-Arm PSA

REI Develops Powerful Stop-Arm PSA

Radio Engineering Industries (REI) believes that keeping children safe is critical and has developed a public service announcement to promote awareness of stop-arm safety.

The 30-second video focuses on educating the public why it is imperative to stop at school bus stop-arms.

“Every day, we hear from schools how stop-arm running is an issue. More importantly, they fear for their student’s safety,” said Scott Hays, president of REI. “Preventing stop-arm violations is vital. We encourage school districts, parents and our customers to share REI’s PSA and make a difference in your community.”

The PSA is available through the company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts. The video is also being distributed during school association tradeshows starting this summer. 


Last modified onTuesday, 17 May 2016 14:35