IC Bus Plant Upgrades Address Vehicle Uptime, Employees

IC Bus recently completed a $17-million overhaul to its production plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to implement lean manufacturing processes. A company spokesman said that the improvements show IC Bus is committed to increasing safety, production capacity, quality and delivery.

Roughly $10 million of the most recent upgrades were completed last year, the spokesman added. They included enhanced robotics, drip rail tooling, floor welding, bow bending tooling and a new conveyance system. A new pre-delivery inspection bay and increased pedestrian access were also added throughout the one-mile long facility.

Another $7 million has been earmarked for this year and next to add new upgrades to the pre- and post-paint line as well as a chassis line conveyor upgrade, an increase in chassis line capacity and seat tie down expansion.

Additionally, IC Bus is investing $52 million in incremental funds to address product investment, customer support and technology at the Tulsa plant, with a focus on on-time performance. The spokesman described the production as focusing on and investing in capital improvements, which is primarily for enhancing quality and increasing capacity on the line. He added that the money is also going towards honing the manufacturer’s “Quality Driven Mindset,” supporting employees on the line and “relentlessly” eliminating waste.


Take a virtual tour of the IC Bus plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Last modified onMonday, 13 June 2016 15:59