SC Senate Approves Strict School Bus Passing Enforcement

A South Carolina Senate subcommittee recently passed a bill to help enforce the state’s law against illegal passing of a stopped school bus.

Passed in February, House bill 3581 opens the registered owner of a vehicle who overtakes a school bus to stricter civil penalties if they are caught on camera.

The perpetrator is then mailed a citation if that person is properly identified in photos or video.

Under the new law, the State Department of Public Safety will mail the registered owner of the vehicle a civil citation of $250, along with a $25 fee, and given 30 days to comply.

The vehicle owner is able to fill out an affidavit stating the vehicle was reported stolen prior to the citation occurring or if the vehicle was being driven by someone else. If the vehicle was being driven by someone else, the owner must then provide the driver’s information.

Failure to comply can result in the suspension of vehicle registration, re-registration and additional penalties.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing with the Senate Transportation Committee on March 2.