Man With Knife Storms Calif. School Bus

A dedicated school bus driver, quick-thinking students and concerned citizens helped prevent disaster during a frightening incident of a man with a knife forcing his way onto a school bus in San Diego County, Calif.

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Drugs on the School Bus

Two South Carolina students brought drugs and weapons onto a school bus, while a driver in Connecticut was arrested for using the company school bus he drove to conduct drug deals.

School Buses Included in School Safety Efforts

As an increasing number of students nationwide bring weapons to school or threaten violence on social media, law enforcement and school districts stress vigilance and emergency procedures on school buses and at campuses.

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Schools, Law Enforcement Respond to Student Gun Threats

Just days after a deadly Florida school shooting that resulted in 17 fatalities and 14 wounded, school officials and law enforcement officers underscored the need for parental involvement and proper student behavior, as they contend with students bringing or threatening to bring guns and weapons aboard school buses.

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