What You Really Want

There’s an old saying in the advertising business: When someone goes into a hardware store to buy a shovel, they don’t really want a shovel. What they really want is…
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Leading the Herd

In the Chinese Calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, yet engine and vehicle upgrades coming to the industry give customers no reason to be sheepish. And manufacturers are hoping customers will…
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The Trans Group Honored With NSTA's 'Go Yellow, Go Green' Award

The National School Transportation Association presented its “Go Yellow, Go Green” award to The Trans Group for  achievements in emission reductions and environmental sustainability during the association’s 50th Anniversary Annual…
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SWAT Demonstration at STN EXPO a Success

At the STN EXPO on Sunday, attendees had the opportunity to watch a live demonstration with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and SWAT deputies showing effective responses to high-risk situations…
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Course at STN EXPO Reminds School Bus Drivers to Stay Vigilant

The pre-conference part of STN EXPO kicked off Saturday with two courses, including Bus Driver Prevention and Detection of Violence, presented by Casey Utterback of Gray Ram Tactical, LLC.
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NAPT Debuts New Mobile-Friendly Website With More Content

Just in time to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the National Association for Pupil Transportation has launched a redesigned, “mobile-enabled” website with a fresh look and a wider range of content.
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