New Guidance on Bullying of Special Needs Students

While Bullying Awareness Month brought this issue to the center stage in October, many school and transportation administrators may not know that bullying is a civil rights issue for students…
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Carnahan Remembered: 'Larger Than Life'

NAPT President Don Carnahan passed away due to massive heart attack on the night of Oct. 3. He was 75. The news came as a surprise to members of the …
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Fitting the Mold

Hands-on is how Kenny Mulder works and plays, and entirely in all the good ways. Whether it’s riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, serving at his church, playing hockey, being a devoted husband and…
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Trends in School Bus Seating

Today’s marketplace is sending signals on what’s to come in the next generation of school bus seating technology. The biggest trends — cited by seating suppliers and a recent School…
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By the Numbers

This year STN honed in on several issues on the minds of student transporters as the school year resumed when developing the 2014 Transportation Directors/Supervisors Survey. Top of mind is…
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Most Wanted

The growing problem of a school bus driver shortage threatens the transportation programs of many schools nationwide while also compromising student safety. Several news reports in recent weeks have shown…
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KSDE Cites 10 Student Deaths in Bus Zones; More Reported

Ten students were killed in the school bus loading and unloading zone during the 2013-2014 school year, according to a report released Wednesday by the Kansas State Department of Education.…
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Suspect Identified in Fatal Bus Stop Accident

Twelve-year-old Jazmin Hernandez of Glenwood, Arkansas was hit Monday afternoon when a vehicle failed to yield to her stopped school bus, and died the following day. The driver of the…
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NYAPT: Nearly 18K 'Fly-Bys' in One Day

Last week there were no reported student fatalities around school buses or bus stops during National School Bus Safety Week, which is welcome news after recent tragedies in Arkansas and…
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Security Symposium Speakers Urge Bus Driver Training

PHOENIX - School bus drivers should be trained to recognize abrupt personality changes and other aberrant behavior in their riders to help prevent the gun violence plaguing school campuses from…
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Maine District Chooses Propane for School Buses

The Sanford School District in Maine added 31 new propane autogas school buses to its fleet, marking its first venture into alternative fuels.
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Police Cite 'Human Error' in Bus Drill Accident

One month after police began investigating the death of a school bus driver, they have concluded that "human error" by a student caused the bus to run over Laura Zborowski…
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NSTA Awards Scholarships to School Bus Drivers

Five school bus drivers from across North America won a combined $1,000 in scholarships from the National School Transportation Association to continue their safety education.
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Thomas Built Buses Expands Production, Adds Jobs

Thomas Built Buses announced yesterday an investment of $11.8 million to increase capacity and add up to 236 jobs in their High Point, North Carolina plant.
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