Doctoral Dissertation Examines Danger of Non-conforming Vans

Nearly one-third of the 889 public school districts in Illinois report the use of 15-passenger vans, also known as non-conforming vans in pupil transportation vernacular, for student transportation purposes.
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The FMVSS System and School Bus Safety

The modern school bus era has been marked by federal rules, designated "FMVSS" for federal motor vehicle safety standards. These standards are the method by which the federal government regulates…
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Supreme Court to Rule on SCAQMD Ruling on Clean Diesel

WASHINGTON, DC -- It isn't often that the U.S. Supreme Court decides a case that directly impacts the school bus industry. But on April 28 - coincidently the same day…
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NHTSA Issues Final Rule on Safety Vests/Harnesses

WASHINGTON, D.C - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a final rule March 8, 2004, that converts a temporary provision, which was set to terminate on September 1, 2004…
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CARB Study Points to Elevated Pollutants Inside School Buses

SACRAMENTO (November 2003) — A new $450,000 study for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) conducted by researchers at UCLA and UC Riverside, found that pollution levels and air quality…
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Minnesota's School Buses Will Run on Soybeans

MINNEAPOLIS -- A bill requiring diesel fuel sold in the state to contain a 2 percent blend of soy or vegetable oil became law without the governor's signature March 11,…
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EPA Wins Suit, 2007 Standards Stand

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A federal appeals court rejected attempts May 3 by some engine makers and fuel refiners to squelch the Environmental Protection Agency's 2007 emissions requirements for diesel trucks…
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School Bus Manufacturer Assails Anti-Diesel Report

LOS ANGELES -- The report on diesel emissions released by the Natural Resources Defense Council is fundamentally flawed, according to the manufacture of Green Diesel TechnologyT buses, International Truck and…
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California Air Resources Board Reverses, Approves Green Diesel

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California Gov. Gray Davis approved a $50 million allocation plan to help solve the possible hazard that school bus emissions pose to children’s health. Diesel buses have…
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EPA Proposes New 2007 Diesel Engine and Fuel Standards

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With less than a month left in the Clinton Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency today announced a plan to combine cleaner diesel fuel and more stringent diesel…
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Do We Have an Obligation to Save Lives Outside the Bus?

The industry and the general public, through legislation, is trying desperately to install safety devices inside the bus that may save a portion of approximately 10 student lives per year,…
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