School Bus Seat Belts Web Resources

Presented below are links to Web pages devoted to seat belts in motor vehicle transportation and in school buses. Final Rules: School Bus Passenger Seating and Crash Protection: Seating Systems,…
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What does compartmentalization mean? The term is at the heart of the Great Seat Belt Debate. It was coined during the 1967 and 1972 Series 1 and Series 2 "School…
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School Bus Seat Belts

Why don't large school buses have seat belts like cars do? Many parents are worried about the contradiction between the need to use seat belts and child passenger seats in…
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Socal School Districts Receive Largest Replacement Grant

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. — Los Angeles Unified School District will replace 260 of its oldest diesel buses with new CNG and propane vehicles following a $43 million vehicle replacement grant…
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New Propane Yard Unveiled for LAUSD Buses

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Some students in the San Fernando Valley will soon be boarding school buses powered by propane, and School Transportation of America maintenance staff and drivers located…
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The Great Divide on Going Green

Some things take time. Whether it be the acceptance of the newest technological widget that promises to make your life easier or a new way to fuel your fleet, opinions…
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New Diesel Engines Emit Far Less Pollutants, Says Report

Diesel bus and truck engines manufactured since the EPA began mandating heavy-duty, on-highway emissions rules are much cleaner than originally expected, according to a study released today by two non-profit…
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Federal Clean Diesel Grants Helping Out in Ohio

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson visited with Ohio state officials last week and announced $5 million was coming their way for clean diesel projects, including more than $1 million for…
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NSTA Asks for $9.5 Million from EPA in Clean Diesel Grants

The National School Transportation Association is seeking $9.5 million in diesel emission reduction grants on behalf of its 13 member companies that contract private school bus service for school districts.
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NHTSA Final Rule Enhances Passenger Vehicle Roof Strength

While school buses have had reinforced roofs to better secure occupants in the event of rollover crashes since the mid-1970s, other passenger vehicles such as vans and Suburbans utilized in…
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Blue Bird Wins Alt Fuel Award for Propane Vision

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute in April recognized Blue Bird Corporation’s dedicated propane Type C Vision with the 2009 Oxygen Award for emissions reductions it has brought to school districts…
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No Hydrogen for You! Feds Dump Plans for Alt Fuel

Three months after Congress received a report that noted obstacles remained to hydrogen fuel cells being a viable option for school buses, the U.S. Department of Energy went one step…
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A ‘John Wayne Dude’

STN EXPO Keynote Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré calls it like he sees it regarding the role of school buses in local, national emergency preparedness.
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EPA Releases $88.2 Million From Stimulus for Diesel Clean Up

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released $88.2 million for diesel emissions reduction projects to environmental agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the agency announced.
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