Parents Choose Here Comes the Bus to Help Keep Their Children Safe

This article is brought to you courtesy of our sponsor Synovia Solutions. This article is brought to you courtesy of our sponsor Synovia Solutions.

More children than ever before are getting themselves, and often their siblings, to the bus stop in the morning without the help of their parents. Up from 31% in 1970, 46% of two-parent U.S. households with children under the age of 18 find both parents working full time in 2015.1 Also in 2015, the percent of U.S. working single mothers with children under the age of 18 was 75 percent.

This can be a stressor for parents, who can’t be two places at one time. Winter weather can cause additional concern, with the dark mornings, icy or snowy sidewalks and roads, and frigid temperatures. Did their child make it safely to the bus stop, and on time to catch the bus?

Now, parents don’t have to worry and wonder if their children are safe. And children don’t have to wait in the dark and cold, wondering when the bus will arrive. Here Comes the Bus, a mobile app and website from Synovia Solutions, LLC relieves that worry and frustration. Push and email alerts notify parents, and students, when the bus is near, or has been substituted. A new feature enhancement provides student scan alerts and extra peace of mind to parents, notifying them when their child has safely boarded or exited the bus, giving the time and location as well. 

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When schools offer this technology, they benefit by deterring tardiness and absences related to students missing the bus, while transportation departments experience fewer calls from concerned parents.

MSD of Wayne Township schools in Indianapolis has 16,400 students with 10,500 (64%) relying on buses as primary transportation. The district adopted Here Comes the Bus to improve communication with parents by giving them much needed information.

“Many parents have reported that the app makes a difference in their morning routine. Parents are tracking and getting their students out to the bus stop on time. Many parents have also stated they track their child’s bus from work in the afternoon so they will know when their child arrives home,” Janet Petrisin, Director of Transportation for MSD Wayne Township said.


Announcing Here Comes the Bus Messaging – a new tool school districts can use to customize and send messages to parents and students using Here Comes the Bus!

Whether you have a change in schedule that affects the entire district, such as a 2-hour delay or early dismissal, or a situation that affects a single bus or school, you can notify parents immediately or schedule a message to go out on a date and time of your choice. Messages are customizable so they answer an unlimited variety of needs, and send email and push notifications via the Here Comes the Bus app.

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