Another School Bus Hit By Gunfire While on Route

A recent spate of shootings at school buses continued near Springfield, Massachusetts when a Head Start school bus was fired upon with a 4-year-old girl on board, reported

Thankfully, the girl and her bus driver were unharmed when two "groups" began shooting at each other as the bus drove past and through an intersection, said Holyoke Police Lt. Isaias Cruz. The bus operated by the Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield Head Start program was taking the student home Tuesday at approximately 4:45 p.m. local time when the bus was hit by one round of gunfire. No arrests had been made.

“This violence is unacceptable at this time of day, really at any time of day,” said Mayor Alex Morse during a news conference. “This really is an anomaly of the violence we’ve seen lately.”

Earlier in the day, the mayor announced $50,000 was being appropriated to increase police patrols on the city's streets. He added during his news confernece that, “We’re going to use that (money) to get more police on the beat as soon as possible."