Good Samaritan School Bus Driver Learns Limits of Kindness

An Oklahoma school bus driver remains on the job amid controversy after stopping during a route with students onboard to pick up hitchhiker and dog, reports 5NewsOnline.

The incident reportedly occurred on Sept. 12 with 24 K-12 students on the bus at the time. The seven-year veteran driver remains on the job pending the completion of an investigation, the school said.

Superintendent Victor Salcedo said he does not believe the hitchhiker or dog came into contact with any of the students. He confirmed that the bus driver violated district policy in allowing an unauthorized person—or canine—on the bus.

A parent of children who ride the route said they have been up to 45 minutes late on other occasions because they said the bus driver felt the need “to call on some horses or some dog that were sick and wait on animal control to get there.”


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