School Bus Driver Fired After Running Over Student

School Bus Driver Fired After Running Over Student

A seven-year-old Vancouver, British Columbia student remains in intensive care after being run over by his school bus moments after he got off at his stop, reports

The boy has undergone several surgeries for a broken pelvis and internal bleeding after being hit on Oct. 6 in front of his home. Security video taken from a nearby house shows the boy get off the bus after his older sister. The girl runs across the street in front of the bus, which has its crossing gate extended. The boy then disembarks and begins to walk in front of the bus.

As he does so, the crossing gate retracts and the bus starts moving. The boy is not aware of the bus’ movement until he is directly in front of it, at which point he starts to run but it’s too late and he disappears underneath it.

The bus driver was initially suspended but has since been fired. CTV News said police are investigating the incident.


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