Beauty & Brains: “Little Miss Antelope Valley” Saves School Bus Driver

Beauty & Brains: “Little Miss Antelope Valley” Saves School Bus Driver

Still from ABC News video Still from ABC News video

A nine-year-old girl displayed great presence of mind when she secured help for her school bus driver who was suffering an emergency health issue, ABC News reports.

The bus had reached the stop where Addison Hutchinson, fourth-grade student and local beauty pageant winner, gets off each afternoon to go home. But she noticed that the school bus driver “was just hunched over the wheel, squeezing it, and she was all sweaty,” recalled Hutchinson.

She ran into her house to Facetime her mother on an iPad. Upon learning of the situation, the mother instructed her daughter to call 911.

ABC News played clips of the 911 call in which Hutchinson clearly and calmly answers the dispatcher’s questions. The girl relayed the location of the stop and then returned to the bus to stay with her driver until emergency personnel arrived.

The bus driver is recovering. Hutchinson, meanwhile, is being praised for her poise and quick thinking in the situation.

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