School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty in 2016 Dragging Death

A former Massachusetts school bus driver was sentenced to a year in jail after he accepted a plea deal in the death of a nine-year-old student who was run over after being trapped in the front loading doors, reports the Associated Press.

Summer Steele was killed in October 2016 after school bus driver Tendzin Parsons, 71, closed the loading doors before the girl had completely exited the vehicle. As her father watched, Steele was dragged a short distance before falling and being run over by the bus.

Parsons pleaded guilty to negligent motor vehicle homicide after rejecting a similar deal in September, because he did not want to serve any jail time.

The former school bus driver said he thought all children were clear of the bus when he drove off with Steele stuck in the door. He also said he was focused on the next scheduled stop he was to make.

Last modified onThursday, 05 July 2018 12:27