NJ School Board OKs 3-Point Seat Belts Following Crash

The Paramus, New Jersey school board voted to require its buses to be equipped with shoulder-restraint-style (three point) seat belts for buses it is planning to purchase, for an extra $5,300 per bus. The board also said it will request bids for retrofitting all of its current buses with the safer-style belts, northjersey.com reported.

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NJ Crash School Bus Driver Charged

Hudy Muldrow, Sr., the New Jersey school bus driver who was allegedly responsible for the crash between his bus and a dump truck that killed a teacher and a student, has been charged with two counts of reckless vehicular homicide, even as seat belt efforts are renewed.

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Lawyers Discuss NJ Bus Crash

UPDATE — JUNE 27 — The state senate in New Jersey has unanimously passed (38-0) its lap and shoulder restraint school bus bill and sent it on to Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday, June 25. He is likely to sign the bill in the wake of the recent fatal NJ school bus crash. “If Murphy signs the bill, all school buses must be manufactured with shoulder restraints, in addition to the lap belts the state already requires, within 180 days of the bill's enactment,” reported the Daily Record.

The bill was originally introduced five years ago after another school bus crash. Sen. Sam Thompson, R-Old Bridge, the bill’s author, said, “When this measure is signed into law, students riding a bus will finally have access to the same lap and shoulder seat belts that we trust to protect them in their family cars.”

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