August 2014

08STN Digi-CoverSchool bus operators are increasingly faced with stretching budget dollars to purchase today's vehicles, which come with hefty price tags. But new technology on those buses can help student transporters track and recoup those costs over the lifetime of the vehicle, meaning money can actually be saved in the long run.

Utah School District Pilots 13-Video-Camera System on Bus

CanyonsDistrict1Thirteen may be considered an unlucky number, but not in the case of a pilot program at Canyons School District in Utah. There, transportation officials in February equipped a spare bus with a 13-video-camera system for student safety, including a camera to catch motorists who illegally pass school buses during loading and unloading of students at bus stops. 

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Alabama Bill Calls for Stop-Arm Video Cameras on School Buses

School districts and school bus companies could be allowed to install video cameras on school buses to capture motorists who illegally drive past the extended stop arm during student loading and unloading, according to a bill introduced in January. 

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