Schools, Law Enforcement Respond to Student Gun Threats

Just days after a deadly Florida school shooting that resulted in 17 fatalities and 14 wounded, school officials and law enforcement officers underscored the need for parental involvement and proper student behavior as they contend with students bringing or threatening to bring guns and weapons aboard school buses. 

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Students and Guns: What Can School Bus Drivers Do?

A number of gun-related incidents on or around school buses prompted a question to one of the nation's pre-imminent school security experts: What can and should school bus drivers do to deter such cases?

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Situation Awareness: Responding to Crisis at the Speed of Life!

On Oct. 31, another terrorist attack occurred in Manhattan, New York, during which the suspect used a rented truck and ran over numerous bicyclists in the park. The attack with his vehicle ended when he ran into the right rear quarter panel of a school bus which had students and some adults on board. Two students and two staff members were injured in the attack and some of them were initially trapped inside the school bus from the extensive body damage caused by the attacker’s vehicle.

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