Wire Reports

School Board Abandons Plan to Change Bus Routes

The Reading Eagle reported that after hearing opposition from parents on a plan to put 4th and 5th graders on school buses with high school students, the Brandywine Heights School…
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Man Arrested for Exposing Himself to Children at Bus Stops

According WESH 2, a suspect has been arrested in connection to what Florida authorities described as a series of indecent exposures and inappropriate fondling while underage girls waited at school…
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A Ride With A Kentucky School Bus Driver

NPR reported on Gilbert "Sarge" Sargent, who drives school bus No. 7 in the small suburb of Versailles, Kentucky. 
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Angry Father Boards School Bus, Screams at Driver, Gets Charged

An irate father was criminally charged after authorities reviewed an elementary school student’s cellphone video of the man yelling and cursing at a public school bus driver, The Charlotte Observer…
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Firm to Pay $11.5M to Settle School-Bus Lawsuit

SFGATE has reported that First Student Inc.has agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a whistle-blower lawsuit claiming that the firm used unsafe buses to transport San Francisco students.
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