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School Bus Evacuated After Toy Gun Found

A South Carolina school bus was evacuated of 38 children after a toy “air soft” gun was found on on board, according to CBS 7 News.
  • Last modified on Friday, 29 April 2016 10:08

Iowa School District Opts for Bus Privatization to Save Money

The Des Moines Register is reporting that an Iowa school district will hire Student Transportation of America to provide transportation for students next school year and save an expected $3.3…
  • Last modified on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 13:10

Officer Reprimanded for Cursing at Student Has Been Threatened

In footage released by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the video taken from the back of the school bus shows a police officer telling a student: “You think you’re funny. Smile in my…
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School Bus Slams into Porch

A 71-year-old Pennsylvania bus driver suffered a medical emergency prior to crashing into a porch and shattering one of the home’s windows. According to 11 News, elementary school students were on board. None were…
  • Last modified on Monday, 25 April 2016 13:17

Transportation Hot Topic at Town Hall

WBAL TV 11 is reporting that students at a Baltimore town hall grilled the local superintendent about why so many buses are not showing up on time.
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Lawmakers Push for Cameras on School Bus Stop Signs

If a group of New York lawmakers get their way, according to 6 News, cameras would be put on the stop sign attached to the school bus to capture every time a car…
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