No Hydrogen for You! Feds Dump Plans for Alt Fuel

Three months after Congress received a report that noted obstacles remained to hydrogen fuel cells being a viable option for school buses, the U.S. Department of Energy went one step farther and cut all funds for research and development in the Obama Administration’s fiscal year 2010 budget.

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FMCSA Program Only Implemented in Half of States

While the $5 million a year Performance and Registration Information Systems Management grant program, known as PRISM, is worth the effort of states that voluntarily participate, it remains unknown the true safety impact of removing commercial vehicles from the road that fail certifications.

North Carolina Could Cut School Days

A House subcommittee has proposed reducing instructional days over the next two school years as part of 11 percent budget cuts for state education, and school transportation faces potential cuts totaling 5 percent.

NTSB to Release Accident Investigation Info to Web Site

WASHINTON, D.C. — In an effort to bring the National Transportation Safety Board in compliance to legislative and executive mandates that to create to a more open and transparent government, certain information from NTSB accident investigations will now be available on its Web site.

Federal Clean Diesel Grants Helping Out in Ohio

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson visited with Ohio state officials last week and announced $5 million was coming their way for clean diesel projects, including more than $1 million for school buses.

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New Indiana School Bus Laws to Go into Effect

Indiana school bus drivers will have a few new requirements to adhere to when they return to school later this summer, including a new law effective July 1 that requires them to walk the bus aisle before leaving the bus to make sure students aren’t sleeping in seats.

House Leaders Release Transportation Objectives

Legislators will consider provisions that would triple walking, biking and transportation usage as well as lowering traffic congestion and reducing crashes by 50 percent under a new bill that lays out priorities for the upcoming reauthorization of federal highway and transportation programs.

NHTSA Issues NPRM Increasing Maximum Civil Penalty Amounts

As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adjusts its civil penalties for inflation, the agency is proposing a significant increase in the penalty for a series of related violations of school bus safety provisions specified in 49 CFR 578.6(a)(2)(ii).