Green Bus

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

STN speaks with the environmental advocate on alternative choices and what the feds can do to help

His name is synonymous with leadership and forging a new path to create a better tomorrow. His father and uncles made great strides for change in this country and left a lasting impression on our society. But Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. did not follow the same course as many in his clan. Instead, he forged his own trail, one that began with a youth filled with outdoor adventures and that eventually led to the position of chief prosecuting attorney for Riverkeeper, a environmental watchdog organization that brings lawsuits against companies that knowingly pollute rivers and waterways.

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The Hot Topic of Heating

In the automotive heating business, many companies plot their markets north and near south of U.S. 70, a highway stretch of highway that cuts below the Midwest and penetrates several western Rocky Mountain states.

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Green Heat

School districts in some of the colder states are beginning to see a two-fold benefit to installing engine heaters on their buses. Not only do they get the buses warmed up for drivers on cold mornings, but they are decreasing idle time and, in the end, cutting emissions.

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A Brand New Day

It’s good to be ahead of the curve, especially considering from where Marianne Cleary began. She was anxious about her first grant-writing experience as transportation coordinator for North Penn School District in suburban Philadelphia, and her attempt to secure funding to assist in a fleetwide switch to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel — well ahead of an EPA Clean Air Act mandate for end-users in 2007 — and to retrofit older buses with emission reduction technology.

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Filling Alternative?

What to consider before switching to alternative fuels

Diesel doesn’t look like it’s about to climb down from its perch and you’re thinking of turning your fuel system “green.” Hybrids, biodiesel, propane and compressed natural gas all have their benefits, but aside from purchasing new vehicles, what’s it going to take to replace your existing diesel fleet?

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